12 Aug

Listening To: “Song For A Friend” – Jason Mraz, Mr. A-Z

So today I totally panicked as I began to think about how I am SO not going to make any friends in Mexico [I promise, there are a lot of reasons why it is incredibly reasonable that I may end up friendless this semester]. I was getting really anxious about the idea of living in another country for four months with no friends, so I took a break from packing to watch some TV. I happened across an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that was helping a family in El Paso that helps provide food for families in Mexico [appropriate, I thought]. While at first this seemed to be a bad television decision as it just made me miss Christiana and think about how much easier this semester would be if she were to be waiting for me in Cuernavaca, I had a sudden change of heart. Why? Because I watched as numerous Mexican families who had moved to the United States cried and thanked the family receiving a new house for the aid they had given and were giving to the people in Mexico.

After the past year, and especially this summer, it hit pretty close to home.

And it helped me put some things into perspective: so what if I don’t have best friends for my four months in Mexico? This trip will be inestimable in terms of learning and experiences, and will prepare me for a future that I hope is filled with similar moments like the ones that made me cry as I watched Extreme Makeover today. My potential problems in Mexico will be gone four months from now when I return to the United States, so they aren’t really the issues about which I should be concerned. I can’t wait to immerse myself in a different culture and be in an environment where I can’t stop learning. Hopefully I’ll make some new friends along the way, but either way, it will be worth it.



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